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A VR experience combining sound and color

Twilight Sonata is a fun new VR experience combining sounds, colors, and all of your senses to fight monsters in an fantastical twilight world. Unlike any game before, the user must battle the Dissonance using spells and ingenuity to return color to the world.

Virtual Reality

A new way to experience music

Immerse yourself in the virtual world where color is being replaced by darkness. Help the world get the color back with help of sound.

Immersive Experience

Get lost in the twilight

The gameplay will immerse all your senses into its virtual world.

Ear Training

Learn Aural skills in an immersive environment

This won’t just be another VR game, you will develop real life aural skills that can help you with better sound and mind coordination.


Greg Cucchissi

Chief Game Officer

Ali Shahbaz

Marketing and Business Development

Joshua Klein

Marketing and Game Development

Devon Gunn

Game Engineer

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